We help to find the right school for your children if you are living in, relocating or repatriating to Berlin.

education-scout offers a portfolio of services to meet your family's individual needs. We select and recommend schools looking at the child, school and family.

Our services range from the initial analyses, school recommendations, school placement services to organising the whole enrolment process on your behalf.

Our initial consultation, discussing your needs in brief is free of charge.

Our services at a glance:

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:: eduscout basic

  • initial needs analysis of child and family
  • giving structure to your search
  • providing a focus and framework

:: eduscout advanced

is a placement service for families wanting an advanced service but who would prefer to visit the schools on their own

  • student assessment
  • local school information and selection
  • we explain admission process
  • we schedule school visits and interviews
  • we assist the families in all important placement decisions

:: eduscout plus

is ideal for families with either limited time and a tight schedule, or who are unfamiliar with the location

eduscout plus offers

  • extensive help with the education system and its options
  • accompanied family school visits and help in all administrative issues regarding placement

:: eduscout supplemental*

offers a special needs service by a special needs educator or psychotherapist for families with gifted or special needs children or families in need of support in getting settled in a new environment

Research on

  • school fees
  • curriculum comparisons
  • local and international schools

*This service is on a contract or fee for service basis only.